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Berghaus Limited is an outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer headquartered in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, UK. It is based in the North East of England but distributes worldwide. It was founded in 1966 by climbers and mountaineers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, initially as an importer and distributor of outdoors products. Lockey and Davison's outdoor store in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, went by the name of the LD Mountain Centre. In 1972 they began designing and manufacturing their own products for sale in their shop. They gave their brand the German name 'Berghaus' which translates as 'mountain house'.

Kevin shared in a review "I used to like Berghaus clothing, but like all other well known outdoor clothing names Berghaus is quite expensive and sometimes the quality is no better than budget brands."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Berghaus full-time for more than a year Cons: Strategy by board changes every six months. Large HR team to manage consultation programmes which occur every twelve months. No brand management and focus too much on turnover without any success in achieving any net gains in this area at all. Outwardly is a global brand but reality is that it is a well known UK brand and its grasp on this market is slipping away."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Berghaus full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Restructures every 12-18 months, talented people managed out, your face needs to fit in this organisation or you will go nowhere."

James More says

"I have 2 Berghaus jackets in for repair at the moment, the seams giving way again, problems with zips catching on lining. The elastic cords coming out of the hood. Just discovered my new fleece's seam is faulty too. I won't be buying their products again, used to be excellent years ago not now!!!"

Alan MacFarlane says

"So I received a pair of Berghaus mitts as a gift circa 3 years ago. Did not need them and placed them in the wardrobe. When I recently pulled them out the polyurethane palm began to crumble - the mitts are not serviceable, despite the fact they have never had a hand inserted. Noted the "lifetime guarantee" and decided to give it a try - but alas was told the mitts were 10 years old and the deterioration was natural and to be expected. I understand Berghaus may not want to replace 10 year old kit under warranty, but Berghaus must recognise the customer disappointment of a 3 year old product perishing in storage with their sub-sequent denial the product was sub-standard. The problem is the differing perspective, Berhaus see a 10 year old product and I see a 3 year old product. Both of us are correct - I accept the mitts were manufactured 10 years ago - Berghaus must accept they were purchased new from TK Maxx 3 years ago My experience confirms shops sell 7 year old stock, which will perish before its 10 years old, regardless of usage. From a customer service perspective, more should be done to protect customers - after all, milk and Berghaus mitts are similar in that they are both perishable products - the Companies selling milk at least attach a "use by" date to protect their customers from inadvertently purchasing a product that is beyond its shelf life."

Steve Preston says

"That’s 2 Berghaus jackets I’ve bought and both of them have terrible zips that zip up one side and are then really difficult to unzip."

Dissatisfied says

"Can't give nil stars but that's what they deserve.Please don't waste your hard earned money .I purchased a pair of Ladies S11 boots 150pds.The stitching inside the cuff caused a huge blister which bled all over my boot inside the first time I wore them .The laces are constantly coming undone and causing me to fall over as they intertwine with the other boot..This company badly need to up their game .Dont waste your money on their inflated prices. Customer service needs a whole lot of work."

John Russell says

"Berghaus.. Now that's what your paying for.. Yes the name.. Berghaus hydroshell over trousers. £50 down the drain. They seem more interested in the name than the products they are making. Out for 1 1/2 hr dog walk and soaked by time home.. Was wearing great quality Montane jacket and as dry as when left the house... Back to the over trousers.. Yes they had been looked after. Washed and treated with the recommended products and only used for dog walking.. No holes or snags and no rock-climbing just the dog walk.. Please please do NOT waste your money on this product.. Will buy cheap next time as won't feel so bad when leak and have to put in skip.. 50 years berghaus.. Better up the game if want to do another 50"

K. mac says

"Bought a Berghaus jacket for €200, the zip broke, stitching came undone on the cuff and it leaks in the rain. Bought an expensive jacket so I didn't have to deal with problems like this. Customer service was completely useless, the lifetime warranty is a joke. Needed new boots, just spent €200 on Meindl and will never buy Berghaus products again"

Shane McEneaney says

"They claim on their web site that they have free returns. I purchased two items and when returning one was informed that it only applies to the UK. I accessed the Irish berghaus website address ending in ".ie". I've bought gore-tex jackets and trousers over the years. I don't trust the brand now."

Louise Carney-Cherry says

"Bought a Gortex Maitland jacket, I wore it for 2 hours in quite light rain it didn’t keep the water out at all , I had this replaced and low and behold the replacement is just as bad, it leaks in too, waste of money this wasn’t a cheap jacket! I’ll never buy Berghaus again, my £40 regatta served better!! Avoid"

A Bennett says

"This review will be similar in tone and content to many others regarding Berghaus' 'lifetime' guarantee. Two years and 10 months ago, my wife bought me a pair of Berghaus Supalite Goretex boots. They cost just under £150, complete with 'Lifetime' guarantee. Recently, I noticed that the Goretex fabric just next to the tongue, was being worn through by the laces. This was quite bad on one boot, exposing some of the interior padding and getting that way on the other boot. I contacted Customer Services, mentioning their lifetime guarantee. In less than 24 hours a reply pinged back, informing me that this was normal wear and tear and consequently not covered by the 'lifetime' guarantee. They sent me the details of a repair company where I could pay to have them repaired. I replied that i was very disappointed with this response. I liked the boots, they were not the most expensive ones available but neither were they the cheapest. I had had boots in the past (Scarpa) which had lasted for over 15 years without such defects, which cost a lot less. Furthermore, they hadn't even asked to see a picture ! Back comes a reply asking me to send pictures and a product code, which I duly did. Still no good-wear and tear, but they offered me a 35% discount of the RRP for a new pair ! So the message is that the lifetime of Berghaus walking boots is under three years, but they're more than happy to sell you another pair of boots with the same design fault. I live in Suffolk, so it's not that I'm yomping up and down rough terrain every weekend. Their Lifetime guarantee is just meaningless advertising spiel and I will never buy another pair. I would advise anyone who reads this review to take heed !"

Chris Daniel says

"Awful just awful I have purchased a lot of their products at a high cost as I do a lot of hiking and exploring. Bought a pair of zip off trousers a month ago. Told there’s a lifetime guarantee which is utter bs There customer service agents are awful. No help and couldn’t wait to stop replying. Worst company I’ve actually had to deal with, terrible attitude and there was no customer service, can’t believe such a big company treats people this way . I will never buy from them again. I have quite a large Instagram following and I’ve put it out there for all to see too. Awful company. Do not buy their products unless you want to lose money. Imagine if they just done their job? This is what happens with and customer service, bad reviews and loss of customers Morons"

Dave McLenahan says

"I purchased a waterproof coat,admittedly a while ago, probably 4/5 years ago. The inner coating started flaking away from the material. I was aware of a “lifetime “ guarantee and submitted photos of the issue. I have since been informed that “lifetime” can mean as little as two years. I could not submit proof of purchase as this occurred a while back. I’m like some other people who cut off labels from their clothing. Apparently these labels can identify when the garment was manufactured. My fault entirely. I was unaware that these labels actually meant anything. My response from Berghaus was basically sorry tough luck. They even suggested that by removing the labels was tampering with the garment. So, things to take from this is “lifetime “ can be as little as two years. Label removal is “garment tampering “ rendering your “lifetime “ guarantee null and void. My coat is now NOT waterproof as the coating flakes off. Outcome for me is to ditch the coat in the dustbin and purchase a more reliable brand. Never to buy Berghaus again. Oh, and customer service ended their response with “no hard feelings “ You’ve been warned."

Timothy Breadcrumbs says

"I have been trying to get hold of a particular jacket for my girlfriend's birthday. One advisor told me it was going to come back into stock and another told me it was the end of the line. Finally managed to order one but it never arrived, emailed them two weeks later and they told me they had not sent the order to the warehouse but offered no solution"

Kay says

"Berghaus Explorer boots DREADFUL. First pair leaked after 4 weeks, returned to shop, who returned to Berghaus. 2 weeks later I was told by the shop that Berghaus had tested them and they didn't leak!!!! After weeks of arguing, and me sending lots of photos of wet socks, Berghaus eventually exchanged them. The new Explorer boots lost a rivet after 2 years of winter weekend walking. Yet another fight with Berghaus as they said their 'lifetime guarantee' for boots was 2 years, regardless of usage. They eventually said they would repair them, so I returned them at my own cost, and waited 4 weeks to get them back!! Now after 2.5 years of winter weekend walking, each boot has lost another 2 rivets each, so 4 in total, and I don't have the energy to do battle with Berghaus again. Berghaus, you are a disgrace"

Bigessay says

"What a shame that what used to be a good and reliable brand has lapsed so badly. I bought a Trailhead 65 rucksack and used it happily on a few treks. However, on the last outing, the clip securing the chest strap to the shoulder webbing broke. Berghaus say they cannot provide a replacement clip, and refer me to online searches, which have been fruitless. So they are not interested in supporting their products, and just want to sell new ones online. Once, they offered a lifetime guarantee for their products."

Mr Ivor Warrington says

"Used to be good gear years ago but the build quality and quality of the materials used now are not fit for purpose. In particular footwear, my footwear started to fall apart after 6 months by 12 months the soles had started to fall off after little use. I was told by Berghaus that the item was manufactured to long ago to be covered by the warranty as the shop that sold them had them in stock for too long, I ask you what kind of an excuse is that. Really disappointed with customer service. 😢"

Andy Whyte says

"Berghaus rubbish . Just been for a 6 mile walk in the rain , not to heavy I may add , the walk took 2 hours , I was wearing Berghaus deluge trousers and Berghaus fellmaster goretex jacket , how did they do , BADLY , I'm sat here writting this soaked through after removing the Berghaus ,"cough ahem" WATERPROOFS , all my layers of clothing underneath are soaked , so my advice is avoid these over priced and over hyped , experience doesn't lie . Just to add , I went walking in the rain today to test the brand new , first time worn deluge trousers , and the jacket had only been worn about a dozen times so no excuses about wear and tear .Sorry Berghaus but I'll never buy another of your overpriced products . Just to add insult to injury my wife's £35 Reggata jacket kept her perfectly dry , go figure ."

James Davis says

"Men's Explorer FT Active GTX Shoe; it was an expensive mistake to buy these at £115. There is no internal shape to them, no better than walking in a pair of wellies. I did write to complain, hopeless customer service sent a template reply. I can't afford to abandon them so will have to wear them out, hating every moment no doubt."

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